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Decentralized machine learning infrastructure for the enterprise with a simple API, powered by miners.
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Enterprise Grade Platform
Enterprise grade decentralized machine learning platform with a simple API, powered by miners.
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AI is changing the world for the better — and it starts with food waste. Presented by Microsoft, featuring VOSAI and the future of AI.


Get started today with AI for the Enterprise using our simple and easy to use Demo Kits based on the VOSAI API. 


Predictive analysis using neural networks greatly improves prediction accuracy. Neural networks are a common tool in every AI, Machine Learning, Data Scientist or Computer Scientists toolbox. Yet, the toughest part is understanding all the available networks and how data fits in to each one. 

We simplified this process for developers such that all that’s needed to do is train over known historical values of data.

This demo kit allows you to:

  • Engage in a conversation using plain English
  • Train a chat bot based on a script
  • Interpret the conversations and take action


Analytics help us understand the digital world around us. Yet some of the most difficult things to capture are the things that occur in the real world. Leveraging basic AI techniques you can understand the world around you from images, video or simply raw data and create actionable insights into this information.

This demo kit allows you to:

  • Analyze and predict outcomes from questionnaires
  • Predict human behaviors
  • Predict future outcomes from known historical data
  • Detect and prevent fraud


Businesses receive bills of all types. Sometimes, these bills come from many different vendors and sources. Many organizations struggle with the mounds of paperwork produced by these bills, especially when they are not electronic. 

Leveraging machine learning, we can train and learn about bills over time which allows us to extract the important information and to remove the manual processing of this task.

This demo kit allows you to:

  • Learn bills and how they vary by provider
  • Identify relevant and important information about bills
  • Extract names, services, amounts and more


Even in today’s modern world there are thousands of organizations that struggle with paper based documents. Banks, businesses and just about any organization is impacted by this. 

Digitizing these documents in the form of text/data, not scans, allows these organizations to scale and grow with technology while improving efficiencies.

This demo kit allows you to:

  • Convert handwritten documents to digital text documents
  • Convert typed documents to digital text
  • Convert a mix of both handwritten and typed documents into digital text

Chat Bots

Chat bot allow organizations to engage with their customers, partners and employees in an automated yet natural manner. Moreover, chat bots can take action and perform tasks that would otherwise be performed by a person. 

This demo kit allows you to:

  • Engage in a conversation using plain English
  • Train a chat bot based on a script
  • Interpret the conversations and take action


Understanding the world around you from images and video allow your organization to extract real information like tracking progress on a job site and detecting plant illnesses on a farm.

The basics of this is the ability to detect objects and extract useful information from the presence in the scene.

This demo kit allows you to:

  • Detect objects
  • Identify objects
  • Learn new objects
  • Ranging objects
  • Weighing objects


Facial recognition can be used by just about any application. From signing into your phone to understanding customers in a retail store.

This demo kit allows you to:

  • Detect faces
  • Identify faces
  • Learn new faces
  • Extract facial features
  • Understand sentiment
  • Verify a face for security


Would you like to see a demo kit we haven’t already listed? Feel free to let us know what you’re thinking and we will make it happen!